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CIRCULAR – 3/2020

Affiliation fees 2021 Form

Bowls England Competitive Announcement

Dear Secretary,

Bowls England /Bowls Durham Affiliation and County Competition Fees 2021

As you are aware at the end of July/early August each year I issue a general circular to all clubs regarding membership returns/club subscriptions and the county championship entries for the forthcoming playing season on the premise that most of our outdoor clubs close down around mid September before the closing date for such returns are required to be sent to Bowls England.

In view of the unprecedented times we are now in I am sending with this Circular the latest advice and information that Bowls England have issued on membership, national championships and national competitions for 2021.

With clubs being either partially open or not at all, and with this likely to be the position for the time being, it will give club secretaries just that little bit more time to contact their membership and ascertain members future intentions regarding playing the sport from 2021 onwards and their entries for the 2021 championships. We are well aware that we can lose membership because of the situation and it may help to mitigate such losses

The key decisions are summarised in the statement and should be noted and adhered to. Of these it is important to note that the affiliation date has been revised from 30th September to 1st May annually and the County will be working to that date. The attached paperwork reflects this. change.

So far as the Bowls England competitions for 2021 are concerned you will no doubt be aware that these entries are now submitted online to Bowls England direct and we are not involved in the process. Bowls England have agreed that fees paid for this year’s competitions will be carried over to 2021unless a refund has been requested, and only new entries will have to pay.

In implementing the proposal I am sure that the question of what clubs does who do not function if they are unable to contact their members. and determine their affiliation numbers before the closing date etc. The revised date should give ample time to do so In addition Appendix A to the Bowls England Regulations on affiliation fees provide (inter alia) that if during the closed season a member(s) leaves the club then the name is deleted and substituted by the name(s) of any new member(s) for whom an affiliation fees has been previously paid.

  • Membership Returns

You will recall that in accordance with the Rules of Bowls England and that of the  Association it a requirement for all Club Secretaries to forward to their County Secretary, a list of the names of all affiliated members. The date for returns is now 1st May as outlined in the statement.

Taking into account  the previous information and as a result of the above the Executive Committee of the County requests that all clubs be asked to provide the Association with a list of affiliated members as at 30th April  2021.

This should be sent along with your affiliation and championship entries to the County Treasurer whose details are shown in paragraph (C) below.

Please note that we do not require addresses as the list will be used for no other purposes than to record membership numbers and compare it with the list of entries into County Championships each year, and nominations for the County Teams.

Further, to conform with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations which became enforceable on 25 May 2018 by providing this information you are consenting to the use of the  personal data to enable Bowls Durham to administer the County in accordance with their Rules and Regulations. This information will be held by the County Secretary and County Treasurer only.

In this connection I also draw your attention to the Paragraph (C) below regarding the County Championships for 2021 and the Rules and Regulations governing the submission of entries and management of the Competitions.

(B) Club Subscriptions

The Bowls England and Bowls Durham Membership Fees for 2020 were set at £5.00 and £3.00 per affiliated member, respectively. These were of course refunded to clubs to assist them in 2020.

Bowls England have undertaken a review of the financial position of the organisation including the payment of affiliation fees and have decided that the affiliation fee of £5.00 for both male and female members will remain the same for 2021.

 Bowls Durham has undertaken a review of the proposed financial structure for both men and women of Bowls Durham for 2020/21 and have decided that it too will keep the subscription levels at the existing levels. The level of fees is as follows.

Membership Fee for Bowls England – £5.00 per member

County Membership Fee – £3.00 per member.

In addition the County Year Book will once again be produced for distribution free of charge to all Clubs in 2021, as well as being included in the County Website.

(C)   County Championships 2021

So far as the County Championships are concerned we will be working to the deadline of 1st February, and in respect of the Women’s County Championships the Women’s Assistant County Secretary will be contacting clubs regarding next year’s competitions..

Regarding the Men’s Competitions enclosed for your use, for those of you receiving this by hard copy, are two copies of the entry form and contact sheet for next year’s County Championships.  One copy of the form, bearing the entrants signature and a copy of the contact sheet should be kept by the Club Secretary for record purposes.  The second copy, together with a completed contact sheet, printed in BLOCK capitals and including post codes should be sent with the entry fees to reach the County Treasurer, Mr S.Crowe, 3 Ridley Drive, Norton, Stockton on Tees TS20 1HE to reach him not later than 1st February 2021 (Tel: 01642 534139)

So far as the operation of the First Stage of the Men’s County Championships are concerned you will recall that the Management Committee undertook a review of the current areas in operation, following the decision taken to operate on the basis of 4 County Championship Areas. This will continue for 2021..

To assist entrants in the County Championships a Calendar and Fixed Dates Schedule will be issued which details all the information competitors need on where and when the Second Stage of the County Championships will be held. and also the dates of the various National Championship Competitions at Leamington.

Can you also note that entries received after the closing date may not be valid. An entry which does not comply will be returned to the Club(s) for alteration and resubmission. However in view of the circumstances some slippage may be allowed

 Players should be reminded that they should not let their names be submitted for more than one club in any one year and ensure that they meet the qualifying date for entrance into the Championships is still that they are members of an entrant club as prescribed.

The level of fees for National Championship are £2.50  per player and with the County  proportion  set at 75p this makes all National Entry fees £3.25  per player.

It should be noted that the County’s element is not used for the general running of the County Association or the Championships but is used solely towards supporting the expenses incurred by the County’s representatives at the national championships along with grants received for the purpose by Bowls England.

(D)  Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Bowls Durham will be held at Houghton Dairy Lane Club on Tuesday 10th November 2020 at 7.00 p.m.

Notices of Motion for consideration by the Meeting should be received by me not later than7th October 2020.

(F) Change of Club Secretaries

Where appropriate, outgoing and/or incoming club Secretaries, are reminded of the need to inform me of the change, in order that communications are addressed to the proper person.  Addresses should include post codes and telephone numbers.

Can you also please note that to conform with the requirements of GDPR outlined above, by providing this information you are consenting to the use of the personal data to enable Bowls Durham to administer the County in accordance with their Rules and Regulations.

Yours Sincerely
Honorary General Secretary

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