County News

22nd October 2020 COUNTY AGM UPDATE

In light of the ongoing covid issues the Executive Committee of the County have decided to cancel this year’s Annual General Meeting, with the caveat that should things change dramatically consideration would be given to hold a general meeting of clubs prior to the commencement of next year’s season.

As promised clubs should have received a copy of the men’s and women’s year end accounts as at 30th September.

A list of office holders for the forthcoming 2021 season has bene updated (click here) from which you will note that both Presidents will continue in office.

There are vacancies for both Senior and Junior Vice Presidents for both sections and if anyone is interested in any of the roles contact the men’s or women’s county secretary.

Regarding the acquisition of the Bowls England Year Book, Bowls England are proposing to restructure how the Year Book is to be published and therefore you should not complete this part of the affiliation form when returning it to the County Treasurer along with your payments and returns, there will be further updates on this as and when we get them.

Regular work is ongoing at Bowls England on the future of the sport and we will keep you in the picture as and when we receive information.

You can stay update to-date via our website or on social media ie – our Bowls Durham facebook page